Saturday, 1 March 2014

If the Prophet Amos did Thought for the Day

Hello John, hello Sarah.

You know, we hear a lot in the news these days about international affairs. And the question is asked - where is God in all this?

And I think, in a very real sense, God is saying to us this. They're all sinners and they're all doomed. All of them. Don't think your European Union will save you. That's doomed. Especially France. Oh boy, are they doomed. Sinners, the lot of them. Including that frog-faced fornicating president of theirs. And the old Soviet Union? Doomed. America? I can't even start to tell you how doomed that is.
Amos is a self-supporting prophet
who likes sycamore-figs, shouting,
shepherding, and denunciation.

But in this country, things are different. Everything's really doomed. Bloody idle women, exploitative men, rapacious businesses, dodgy so-called public service management, manipulative media. It's all doomed. Radio 4 - with your so-called equal opportunities and your lip-service to equality, while you put the same middle-class faces into jobs, or make sure they all toe the line, keep things "nice" - doomed. Broadcasting House - nation will speak peace unto nation? You having a laugh? Doom's too good for you.

Look, it's quite easy. You've got the word, you've got the clues to how God is in the world - scary but loving, consistent but awesome. You've got consciences, haven't you? You don't have any excuses - churched or unchurched, whatever your religion. Yet you still carry on worrying about yourselves, piling up tellies and computers, cars and nice new furniture. You watch Towie while people starve. You care more about who wins X-factor than the poor in your own land. Doom? Doom's just a child compared to what you're getting.

Have a nice day.


  1. And I bet no-one listens to him any more carefully than they did first time round. It's a thankless job, being a prophet. :-(

  2. And there'll be no butter in hell!!!!


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