Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fast-forwarding through Lent

And so the awful idea of basing the Lent Course's format, but not content, on the Alpha Course, comes home to bite us, if that's not jusshing my metaphors.

Tonight is the night of the Big Meal - the whole apogee of Middle-Class Religion, where everyone sits around in smart-casual wear, eating a large chilli con carne with garlic bread, followed by Black Forest Gateau. All washed down with the finest New Zealand wines - because Christians don't drink beer like normal people.

 And, as luck would have it, having done "Temptation", "Struggle", "Challenge" - this is "Fasting Week".

Everybody did enjoy the discussion on what a great idea Lenten fasting is.  And, to be fair, it was only me seemed to mind. And that was only because it was a Chardonnay. We're all just a bit over Chardonnay, don't you think? And white? With chilli?

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