Sunday, 16 March 2014

If Elijah did Thought for the Day

Sometimes it's hard for we contributors to Thought for the Day to come up with a topic. Maybe the news is just so bad that you can't make a whimsical point out of it. Somehow an inclusive and liberal viewpoint seems a bit banal when set against the horror of what human beings can do to each other.

It's at times like this, to prove we're prophets of the people, that we turn to football.

You know, Elisha, my successor, was like me in many ways. Erratic, charismatic, energetic, interfering in national politics.

And of course, being my "successor", he was a success. Raising the dead, curing deadly water, calling ferocious bears out of the woods - he was, in all ways, just as successful as I was.

I bet Sir Alex Ferguson wishes he knew what that felt like.

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