Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top Gear Cycling Safety Video

Don't watch it myself, but Burton Dasset tells me he had mixed views on the Top Gear "cycle safety" piece.

As a frequent London cyclist himself, Burton says the jokes about smashed bikes and, worse, broken cyclists were pointless and obviously there to get publicity.  While the actual time they spent cycling around London made a couple of good points about the poor driving of buses and  unexpected peril of pedestrians, who walk out into the road without looking.

Burton says that for him, the worst part was when Jeremy Clarkson rubbed some cream onto an unpleasant, wrinkled part of his anatomy that's better kept out of sight.

Well, maybe a bit unfair. After all, riding around in the open all day - Jeremy probably did need to put some sun block on his face.


  1. I think that Jeremy Clarkson needs to calm down. His take on life, politics and women is that of an unreconstructed Margaret Thatcher.

    And is it really fair to take the mick out of his lived in face, better aimed at Sir Bruce Forsyth methinks.

  2. Yes, it's fair. No, it's not better aimed at Brucie.


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