Monday, 17 March 2014

If Abraham did Thought for the Day

Good morning, everyone.

In these troubled times, we are called to be prophetic.  When we look at the inequalities in the world - the manifest injustices, frankly - what people ask is, how can we speak truth to power? How can we best face up to tyrants and dictators?

Well, I've got this piece of advice that has worked for me throughout my life. It's enabled me to make my way - as a person of God - through this world, and never come to harm.

Why not try grovelling and lying?

Works for me. Pushy king fancies my wife - I just tell him she's my sister. Pharaoh likes the look of her? Same again. Tell him she's my sister.

And do you know what? Every time I did it, God pulled me out of the trouble I'd got myself into. Not a hair on my head out of place.

Yes; there's no doubt about it. For the man of faith in this troubled world - try lying and grovelling. Use your nearest and dearest to get on in life.  You know it makes sense.

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