Sunday, 8 April 2012

Egg Throwing

An interesting afternoon's egg throwing.

The rules should be clear by now. The Catchers stand one side of the Moot House. The Throwers go the other side, and lob fresh eggs over it. We charge premium rates for the eggs, and the money goes to the Matilda Smith-Williams Home for the Aged.

Anyone catching an egg without it breaking gets a prize. Anybody catching an egg that does break, gets a face-full of egg.

If anyone asks why we do it, we explain that it's an ancient Beaker tradition, and the eggs flying over the Moot House represent the Sun as it gets higher in the sky each day in spring. In fact, we invented it in 2006 and we do it because it's fun.

Or it was fun. Until Young Keith though he'd use the Community trebuchet. I have absolutely no idea where he got the ostrich eggs from. But it's not happening again.

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