Thursday, 5 April 2012


Jesus prays, comforted by an angel. The disciples sleep, "could not rest with me one brief hour", while a shambolic group of soldiers arrives
Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane - G.B. Tiepolo from Free Christ Images 

And it seems an age now,
the easy friendship around the table,
bread and wine and herbs, the stories and psalms
and the deepest words, so softly spoken.

But what feels so close now,
a loaded court and a dawn appearance
kicking, punching,  the spittle and shame
the fear of friends and the hate of others.

And it seems to loom now,
the hanging hours on a Roman gallows
blood and water, the mocking rebels
the sword plunged in a mother's breaking heart.

Is there more to see now?
Dim-seen light on a chilly grey morning
fleeing devils and the light of heaven
and Mary clinging, her joy beyond words.

But for now, there's just now.
A life just ending and a cup to drink
sleeping comrades and an angel's embrace
the coming footsteps, and that fateful kiss.


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