Sunday, 1 April 2012

Palm Sunday

Behold, your King comes to you - riding on a donkey.

A little reminder of where the priorities always lay. When Herod the puppet-king was wondering how to arrange his next "kitchen supper" with Caesar, and the Priests were stitching up their little deals with the money-changers. And while the Pharisees played their propaganda games with the Sadducees - a game where you could change the labels, and the positions on Resurrection, but the oppression and pride didn't change.

And a bloke came riding on a donkey. Saying that if the power you seek is this world's power, then your plans only last a lifetime - and you know how short one of those can be. But if you turn your back on it, give up your claims, give up the games, give up your life - then the things that really count will be yours forever.

And on this 1st April, it's a reminder of the foolishness the world never can know. A king rides on a donkey; the crowds sing "hosanna" to a carpenter. And the poor and despised, the tax-collectors and prostitutes, the hungry and the downtrodden storm into the Kingdom of Heaven behind a wandering prophet, while the important folk watch, and complain, and scheme.


  1. "...God's foolishness is wiser than human wisdom..." I Corinthians 1:25

  2. It's always the same....a timley reminder

  3. I don't think a bloke not having 2 shekels to rub together had much of a choice in riding material. A horse would have been well beyond his means and more than a little nouveau riche.

  4. Great discussion going in this post!!

    Nancy, Jo and bill has given really good comment.

    I enjoyed this.

  5. Dunno about shekels, he had to borrow the ass...


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