Saturday, 14 April 2012

Not in My Name

In the light of the latest set of complaining and alleging persecution of Christians (in the UK, I mean, while Christians in the Middle East and Africa really are being persecuted), I've decided it's time to update my list of the various groups and people that don't speak for me.

Former Archbishop Carey

Anglican "Mainstream"

Drayton Parslow

The Daily Mail

Anne Widdecombe


Westboro Baptist Church

That Dot Cotton off the Eastenders

The advert on the Clapham omnibus

Kenny Dalglish (unless he's saying something along the lines of "we're glad we won and the lads done well" or "we're sick as parrots but good luck to Everton")

Harold Camping

Anyone claiming they can help people be post-gay, ex-gay, recovering gay, off-gay or near-gay. Or gay, for that matter.

Any members of the Stewartby Guinea-pig Worshippers

Polly Toynbee

Anybody at all, really. It's safer that way.

Basically, is it OK if I speak for me? And, obviously, the other Beaker Folk worldwide whom I represent, whether they realise it or not.


  1. Speaking for myself........? .........?

    Damn - that acacia juice is kicking in again....

  2. Well said, Archdruid. Couldn't we nominate you for the next Archbishop? I've heard the current one is an honorary druid, so surely you could do the job?

  3. Just wondering why you missed out on Professor Brian Cox?

    Is there a secret crush hiding in the Arch Druid's heart of stone?


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