Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sowing Seeds

I'm starting to be very disappointed in the seeds.

We thought we'd expand the Kitchen Garden this year. It's all about the Food Miles, innit? After all, a lot of our food comes from a long way away - Kingston Tesco, over in Milton Keynes. So we thought it would be good if we planted seeds for all the necessities - squashes, chervil, mange-tout, stuff like that.

So on Sunday we put all the seeds in their seed trays, said a special prayer of blessing on them, and put them in the warm greenhouse.

Not a thing. I was expecting to be eating delicious seasonal pumpkin soup by now.

I wonder if they've all died?


  1. Ah, the danger of the 30-minute sitcom realized.

  2. Clearly you need to pray with a lot more faith than you evidently did. Or, failing that, try a method I vaguely recall coming across when reading Winnie the Pooh with my now grown-up son. Piglet and Pooh had planted acorns and Piglet, to facilitate the growth of his acorn, kept jumping up and down on it and digging it up to see how it was getting on.


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