Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Hint of Autumn

A little nesh, that Archdruid in the big house. It's the first time the temperature has headed down to 50F and she's lit the wood stove in her conservatory.

Out here, the rabbits know something is up. The older ones are telling the youngsters about a time called "Winter" - when every night is cold and sometimes the ground goes white. The really old ones are recalling days when snow lay on the ground - but the younger ones seem to think that's just a fable.

Still, they know something is changing. And the younger ones are realising that nothing ever stays the same - as soon as it is hot every day, the nights start drawing in. As the grass grows long in the hedgerows, the berries are turning to black. And when life should seem so easy, already the creatures of the woodland are and worrying that the good times won't last. They're right to get ready. Gather rosebuds while you may - they'll be black with frost all too soon. 

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  1. I wondered if it was Autumn. I'd run out of Grecian 2000 and certain autumnal shades have appeared in hairy regions.

    Still, at least a quick visit to the pharmacy will sort that out.


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