Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Liberal Christmas Carol CD

As the nights draw in and the air is full of nip, it's just that time of year to release the Beaker Liberal Christmas CD. Full of carols that cannot offend the most rationalist sensibility,in  just twelve weeks' time the Liberal Christmas CD will fill you with Christmas spirit while not expecting you actually to commit to anything.

So pre-order early, for that person in your life who doesn't believe in Jesus too much but quite likes the sitting quietly and doing good things that they think are at the heart of Christianity!

 Track Listing

1. A Virgin? Not sure. 

2. Long ago, prophets never imagined. 

3. O Little Town of Bethlehem, we've dragged you into this story for Messianic reasons. 

4. Hark, the sound of herald angels appears to be in your head.

5. Away in a cave stuck behind a guest house

6. Oh come, all ye.

7. Adam lay y-maginary.

8. God rest ye, invented gentlemen.

9. Little Dawkins.

10. The Little Evidence Boy

11. We three supposed fulfilments of Isaiah 60 are.

And don't forget, it's not four months to Christmas!


  1. I know I'm missing the point here...

    but a relative of mine who donates to charities that send out an endless stream of notepads and stickers and so on received a bunch of Christmas cards (for her use) from one of them. This week. Yesterday.

    It's too early. It's not Christmas yet! Not even the worst stores have put up their Christmas displays (mainly because the space is emptying of backt-to-school stuff and loading up on pumpkins an costumes of course.

  2. aaarrrggghhhhh, please, not Christmas, not yet!!!!

  3. While you are preparing for the Nativity, I'm preparing for Easter. My chocolate eggs and Easter bunny production line is in full swing and I've even got the silver wrap waiting to cover the little chocolate figurines.

    I know that I'm being a bit premature, but in the Army we were taught that Prior Preparation and Planning was so important that we needed to stockpile resources prior to carrying out an operation. To establish supply lines and to ensure their security (I've got it all locked in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom).

    So, while you eventually get around to celebrating the Nativity, I will be in preparation for the summer silly season called Whitsun. Whitsun is such a bother. There's not shape or feeling to it. No Carols, no presents and the only ones who seem to do any business are the Spiritualists? or are they disciples.

    As you celebrate Easter, I will already have tucked away next year's Nativity.

    Mind you, it always seems to be a disaster. Nobody comes :(

    PPP leads to PPP (if you understand the vernacular)


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