Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mission to Mars

I keep hearing about a mission to Mars in the news. It seems to me that, given the way that the world is going down here, resources would be utterly wasted on a Mars mission.

After all, if there are any Martians, we have no idea whether they have souls or not. We do not know if they would be fallen, and therefore in need of redemption. And no doubt if we did make contact, in the interests of "respect" the mission to the planet would be led by liberals like Eileen talking about "inculturation". We all know what that would mean. We would only be able to preach the Gospel if we painted ourselves green, ate freeze-dried instant potato mash and went around saying "Meep Meep".

No, if I want to make contact with hostile life in an unpleasant environment, I will carry on preaching in the Bletchley Brunel Centre on Friday mornings.

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  1. My mission to Mars is a lot cheaper. I go down to the corner shop and buy one. Mind you, I've noticed a difference in size and weight from the ones I used to get in the 1950's. And the increase in price from 6pence was a shock when I bought one for the first time in 50 years.


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