Friday, 3 August 2012

Holiday Club Farewell

It was a strange last day of Holiday Club. We didn't get any children at all turn up - neither the ones we started with, nor the ones who replaced them, who had started with Drayton's club. Maybe they decided that, after all, they were all better off with Drayton?

Still, the events were planned so we made the most of it. Although we felt a bit silly doing the action songs. But of course we'd ordered pizza for 60, so by about 1pm we didn't mind so much.


  1. This sounds just like an Olympic famine. Who'd want to go to a holiday club when the drama of the Olympics is going on multi-channel via the BBC.

    Red button options mean that the choice is so thorough, that you can view atheletes changing for their events, through to the event and the eventual tears of sadness or joy when they win or lose.


    1. Maybe that's it. I mean, where could they find better "fun", action, gimmicks and sound teaching?


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