Monday, 13 August 2012

Surprise Omission From the Beaker Cricket Team

Yes, I was expecting a bit of fuss over my dropping Hnaef from the Beaker Folk XI for Saturday's crunch 17x17 match against the Guinea Pig Folk of Stewartby. But there's a very good reason for it.

He blames his socks. He reckons that since last year, in order to give him better protection when diving hopelessly after a ball in the outfield, or getting himself out for a romantic 16 or 17 runs when the opportunity's there to go and make a big score, or reverse-sweeping bouncers outside leg stump (a shot that  brought him three boundaries and five broken bones last season, he has bought himself thicker socks.  He reckons the thicker socks are definitely the problem. Hnaef says that, had he known how much trouble the socks were going to give, he would have bought thinner ones. He says thick socks mean his feet are squeezed just that bit too much to be able to give 110% when he's in the pavilion texting the opposition.

It's a theory. I can see it could be socks. But personally I reckon that's just a superficial answer. The problem is much more fundamental than that. I reckon he's just too big for his boots.

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