Thursday, 16 August 2012

It takes one to know one

I am shocked by Eileen's statement that "we are all heretics", based on what seems to be a very reasonable website.

I can assure you that I am in no way a heretic. And neither is anybody else who broadly shares my views on the Inspiration of the Bible (the true Bible, not the modern translations), the Resurrection, sexuality, the 6-day Creation, dancing on Sundays,  the Second Coming, dancing during the week, Godly Play, dancing in the dark, cross-dressing and and the other doctrines in my 79-point "Heresy Checklist".

Except for Marvin, down in Dunstable. Although not in my checklist, I think his views on Unicorns are decidedly unconventional - but I am not sure whether that is a heresy or merely a simple misunderstanding.


  1. Heretical stuff you write.

    Remembering that you are Primitive by designation doesn't mean that you can't be progressive. Please at least embrace the King James Version because your original Greek versions are obsolete. The dead see scrolls saw to that.

    And the Arch Druid is only seeking the best for you, she is your Mother/Father figure, locally and just wants you to embrace the Post-Modern world with all of it's foibles to be fully human as God wishes you to be.


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