Friday, 31 August 2012

Feast of St Aidan

Today we celebrate the feast day of St Aidan in the traditional Celtic Way. That is, by making up a load of ritual of a vaguely atmospheric nature that has nothing to do with Aidan, and is anything like any Christianity he would have recognised.

Bodhrans and tabors are to be used at all times today. I've bought a tin whistle, and will be using it to poke in the eye anyone who claims to be able to play it.

The hymn "Ho for the Sea-faring Saint" will be sung to the Pogues tune "Rainy Night in Soho".. That seems suitably Celtic.

Some have objected that  the "Washing of Gongs" ceremony is in no way Celtic. Well, my argument is that it's authentically Tibetan, or if it's not it should be. And before the great Race Movements of the 1st Millennium BC, the Celts used to live next door to the Tibetans in the same street. That was before they left because of the noise abatement order over the bagpipe incident.

It being a full moon, we will be holding the AidanMoot in camel case.

As a special concession, today's music to be piped throughout the community will be by "Lindisfarne". Except "Fog on the Tyne" with Gazza. I think I've now hunted down and destroyed every copy on the premises, and apologise to any Beaker Folk whose rooms were trashed in the process. Although, let's be honest - you were asking for it.


  1. You need a few records by the Proclaimers and the Corries to round it off. And a Piper to set the scene.


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