Sunday, 19 August 2012

News on the Blogroll

Just added bapesaurus - a trying-again blogger - who re-boots with an absorbing account of a trip to Lindisfarne.

While old friend Gurdur has a really interesting piece on immunology vs pschiatry. These modern techniques are all very well, but what was wrong with beating people with sticks to drive the demons out?

Interesting Truths - Suem expands on yesterday's Beaker post to suggest some signs one has clergy parents.

And Catriona has quite an alarming statue.


  1. Thanks for the link. I love "On meeting a clergy."

  2. Thank you for reading and sharing! Cheers, @bapesaurus

  3. The bigger shock is when you meet someone who doesn't in any way resemble your stereotypical idea of Clergy and you discover that they are.

    I met a Biker, who in his leathers, unshaven, fag waving and rowdy conversation opened his jacket to reveal a dog collar.

    Being struck dumb might be an accurate term, but also the pleasant surprise that my preconceptions are flawed.

    And he is a fine priest.

  4. I am honoured to be linked along with such illustrious company.


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