Saturday, 4 August 2012

On the Verbing of Nouns

Such a great fuss I've heard today about the use of "medal" as a verb. Apparently it's an example of the "verbing of nouns".

Which is such a strange expression. I didn't realise what it meant at first. I had to Google it.


  1. Of course, "verbing" is another example!

  2. "Verbing is a time-honored way of coining new words out of old ones, the etymological process of conversion (or functional shifting). Sometimes it's also a kind of word play (anthimeria), as in Shakespeare's King Richard the Second when the Duke of York says, "Grace me no grace, and uncle me no uncles."

    So where's the harm?

  3. You could have texted someone to ask, or e-mailed them.

  4. come on, Eileen -- surely you have heard that verbing wierds language before


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