Wednesday 17 December 2014

"People are saying that...."

I was reminded of this blog post when Marston came up to me this afternoon and told me that "people are saying that" I'm imperious, domineering and scary.

Naturally I'm not falling for the old "people are saying that" shtick.  So I decided I would confront it head on. There were 47 Beaker Folk at Filling-up of Beakers this evening. I gave them each a button, and left a jar by the door on the way out.

Basically, if anyone thought I was a bullying control freak, they were to drop their button in the jar. If not, they were to take the button home with them, as a lasting symbol of their loyalty.

Anyway, good news is that a traditionalist friend of mine is being ordained as an Anglican deacon, and is making his own cassock.....

Anyone want a few buttons? I seem to have eight spare.


  1. I should let him have them all. If any drop off he'll need a spare so that people don't wonder which of the Articles he doesn't believe in.

  2. I know - it's lonely at the top.

    On the other hand, as there are at least nine Aberdonians in your congregation - I would not take a few buttons on your collection plate to heart.

  3. There must be some deep symbolism hidden in 47/8.

    Tried Googling 47:8 and came up with a psalm, Isaiah and Ezekiel, but they didn't enlighten me.

    1. Try subtracting 8 from 47, and googling that, button and cassock.


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