Sunday 28 December 2014

Soon be Easter

And congratulations to the vicar of Killay, in Swansea, for the first complaint about Easter merchandise of the year.

What does Fr Tim think the Co-op should put on the empty shelves where the Christmas merchandise was? Seed drills? Chitting potatoes? Snow shovels? It's hard to know. This is the way retail works. If you have a choice between putting your products on a shelf in a shop, and in a warehouse - and you have a spare shelf - you put them on the shelf.

I hope Fr Tim didn't have any carol services before Christmas Eve. That would be blatantly consumerist.


  1. I'm not in England right now, but I did once try to buy mince pies on December 28th, to be told that I was too late.

    1. But I'm sure you could have substituted Hot Cross Buns.

  2. Here in the Ex-Pats supermarket in Vilajoiosa, they have about twenty-five packets of frozen mince pies. Prolly could stick them on the Easter shelf with some bunny ears on them?

  3. Hmm - but he photographed chocolate bunnies in a red packet. Maybe they are for Valentines day?


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