Friday 12 December 2014

The Shallow End of the Talent Pool

The Church of England's latest idea is to "groom 'talent' for high office".

Where to start?

Oh yeah. Never, ever, ever, use the word "groom". Never, Ever. Again. What twit wrote this? The word used to be reasonable. But not this last 10 years. But that's not a comment on the C of E. That's a comment on the Church Times.

Next. One of the bishops in the "Review Group" of this scheme is the Right Reverend Timothy Thornton, Bp of Truro. The bishop who told us the Church of England had only six years, and the only solution was to increase the Parish Share.

I don't know what else the report has to offer, but my money is on "money for consultants".

Just a guess.

(Edit: Artsy Honker and Revd Rachel Mann got there before me. And, obviously, more thoughtfully)

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  1. It's Green, right? Maybe we should dig out some case studies of his leadeeship successes in bringing ethics and profitability to banking.

    Meanwhile, we would all do well to remember that the central sacrament of his religion is a monetary communion with management consultants.


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