Sunday 14 December 2014

Liturgy of Lighting the Third Advent Candle

Archdruid: So now, Little Bajja will light the pink candle for John the Baptist...

All: Not the pink one! That's for Mary!

Archdruid:No, it's not. That's the fourth one. The remaining purple one, which has burnt down a bit because Bozco lit it last week in a dreadful clockwise/anti-clockwise confusion. The pink one is for John the Baptist.

All: No! The pink one is for Mary. You're supposed to light it next week.

Archdruid: No. The pink one is for brightness in the darkness of Advent, for today is Gaudete Sunday. Which is why, out of respect for Catholic tradition, we sang that hippy old Steeleye Span song.

All: But it's pink because Mary's a girl.....

The Archdruid reaches for her trusty Slazenger V400 cricket bat

All: No, you're right. Pink is a lovely colour for a hairy wandering prophet. You go ahead.

Archdruid: So now, little Bajja will light the pink candle for John the Baptist.....

Hnaef (who has been awaiting his moment): I think you'll find that's "rose".

Archdruid: No, it's exactly where we left it on Advent Sunday.... 


  1. I'm glad to see the Slazenger V500 making an appearance. Every cleric should be offered one at her (or his) ordination. :)


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