Monday 15 December 2014

Infecting the Church with Mangerialism

Sometimes you wonder what the organisation you love, give your time and effect is coming to.

It's been a creeping thing, but it's becoming increasingly obvious. Even though it's against our traditions and the things we hold most dear. The Beaker Folk have been infected with Mangerialism.

This idea that we should change our organisational method - adopt the mangerial philosophy - has been criticised by many of the Beaker People. Surely, they say, a hierarchical, top-down movement cannot accept the attitude that, if the place to find the Son of God is in a manger, the first shall be last and humility is the mark of true nearness to God.

Much better, they say, for the leaders of the Druidic Synod to pick the most suitable candidates - i.e. those who work the system, function within the parameters and above all are just like those on the Druidic Synod. Then they can ensure smooth, steady, organised, effective running.

And you know, I think they're right. Mangerialism may be OK for the meek, the humble and those who are meant to be servants. But it's never gonna run an organisation, is it?


  1. But wouldn't it be nice if it were tried?

  2. We had a lot more fun, and we're all more involved during the interregnum; no interference from the hierarchy.


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