Friday 26 December 2014

On the Feast of Stephen

Have we got this right? On this day, in keeping with what we assume is a tradition, we've been up in Bletchley following poor people around while carrying pine logs. Not one of them was grateful, and several managers told us to get out of their shops.


  1. As a long-time campaigner against global warming in Narnia, I heartily concur with the good people of Bletchley, and their rejection of the patriarchal condescension of Wenceslas. Next time bring them meat and most especially bring them wine (Buckfast),- and you might have more success.

  2. Time to go to a pizza shop and order one: deep and crisp and even. The old jokes are the best.

  3. Hm - could be the Solid Fuel Association Guide to
    Wood and Multifuel influencing them: "Pine species generally (including Leylandi) – Can form oily soot deposits in a chimney."


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