Sunday 14 December 2014

Keep UKIP off the Sherry

Being on sedatives makes UKIP member homophobic.

Being tired makes UKIP leader racist.

If they ever get in power it's going to be murder, isn't it?

Defence Minster gets flu, invades Holland

Chancellor takes paracetamol, bets Bank of England on a card game

Environment Secretary drinks double espresso, demolishes Bath

Home Secretary has a curry disagree with him, tells the Police to "arrest all the poor people."

Foreign Secretary takes antihistamine for airsickness, refuses to get out of plane on diplomatic mission because "there are foreigners out there".


  1. Was reading an interview with their selection supremo - seems he spends most of his time filtering out the nutters (not very successfully).

    The worrying thing is that most of their candidates are ex Labour or Tory, which by implication means all parties have nutters.

  2. I think you're just in a misanthropic mood because of a certain football result yesterday.
    "Don't mention the war!".

  3. if UKIP ever get into power, that will be the right moment to move to Mars. Even if the rocket's not ready.

  4. UKIP is living proof that leaving the lunatics in charge of the asylum is not good policy.

  5. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting out of the European Atheistic Superstate that is busily engaged in doing away with our freedom to act and live as Catholics, at the moment, UKIP is the only game in town.


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