Monday 29 December 2014

The Moral Leadeship of Nigel Farage

The Daily Mail goes in for a bit of freelance Church of England bashing as it turns out that the Queen, and Wills 'n' Kate, are perceived to be above Justin Welby as moral leaders.

Well I don't know. That means the Supreme Governor, the Supreme a Governor-in-Waiting and the Chief Operating Officer of the C of E are all in the top four. And who's going to deny Malala a place? She has been a brilliant moral leader. So a result for sensible religious people all round.

But some idea of the quality journalism behind this piece can be seen in the headline below. I've screen capped it for you because even the shoddiest sub-editor has surely got to fix this sometime.

"Nigel Farage, of Ukip, got a respectable 39 per cent of the vote."

Which would have meant Nigel Farage  actually beat all the other people in the list. Except, of course, that the "respectable 39 per cent" that Nigel Farage got was for "worst moral leader".  Still, all have won. And all shall have prizes.


  1. Not surprising that no Catholic leaders are there: few would vote for ++Cormac or ++Vin, and then people like +Egan and +Davies aren't generally well known.

    1. Depends whether they were offered as options I guess?

    2. True. It seems that they were obliged to choose from a list. That would explain why my name wasn't mentioned.

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