Sunday 21 December 2014

Liturgy of the Winter Solstice

Archdruid: The morning light is weak and gray

All: Because it's Winter Solstice Day.

Archdruid: We huddle in a forlorn way

All: Because it's Winter Solstice Day

Archdruid: Although we're celebrating Yule

All: The rest of Winter could be cruel

Archdruid: Let's drink good beer, and not thin gruel

All: To keep the cold at bay.

Archdruid: As Hern the Hunter stalks the wood

All: The muntjacs' chances don't look good.

Archdruid: We shall eat game, and not prunes stewed.

All: It's too cold to dance in the nude.

Archdruid: And though the days are getting longer

All: The sun ain't getting any stronger.

Archdruid: To plant tomatoes - what could be wronger?

All: We'll go and gather wood. 

Archdruid: It's bloomin' freezing. I'm back off to bed. Nature's death my left ear-hole.

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