Saturday 13 December 2014

Quick Meteor Rant

Sky-watchers will be burning the midnight oil today (Saturday) as one of the year's most spectacular meteor showers reaches its fiery peak. (Manchester Evening News)
Well, they won't will they?  The one thing that the sky-watchers will not be doing, if they want to see meteors, is burning midnight oil. How counter-productive would that be? They're much better off blowing the midnight oil out, and standing in the dark. It saves the planet, and gives them a chance of seeing meteors....


  1. I have a feeling that the use of the expression "burning the midnight oil" in this case represents purely the employment of a go-to journalistic metaphor. But there is clearly a lack of precision in this text which outrages logic, and which you have correctly identified. Fair play to you!!

  2. I thought that "faerie" from your homepage looked familiar! - it's from Trick of theTail! One of the two albums sans Gabriel but with Hackett. Aaahh......Happy days.

    1. The two very fine albums in that configuration.

      Every addition to the Husbiorne landscape on the homepage picture goes deep into the history of this site.

      Except Santa. He's just there to add some festive merriment.....

  3. If this account is to be believed, midnight oil will be unnecessary as it won't be dark at all:

    "Hundreds Of Meteors Will Light Up The Night Sky Tonight"

  4. There's a bangin' version of Squonk by Spock's Beard on YouTube, if you've never seen it.


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