Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An Unexpected Award

I'd like to thank the Arundel & Brighton Latin Mass Society Blog for issuing me a "Liebster Award". I've no real idea what it works, and based on the rules I have worked out, I reckon that if everybody passes it on, every blog in the world will get millions of links within an hour and a half. But I am touched and honoured, so will respond to the questions.

Eleven "fun" facts about myself:

  1. I am an imaginary character, although I claim to have been at college with a number of famous people.
  2. I do not really get joy from inflicting pain on the other Beaker People. But I do feel it is good for the soul. My soul, not necessarily theirs.
  3. I always receive 100% of the votes in the Archdruidical election. Except that time when, due to miscounting, I accidentally voted more times than there are Beaker Folk.
  4. My qualifications in Chemistry (with Quantum Chemistry) out-rank anything I have ever achieved in Theology. As you might guess. This isn't really fun, or funny, but explains a lot.
  5. In sporting events, I do not regard Scotland, either Ireland or Wales as "England B" at tournaments where we get knocked out. Instead I root for Holland or Belgium. Unless it's cricket or rugby, in which case that would be pointless.
  6. I have a "tribute" birthday.
  7. I once spent a summer living in the 19th century. It wasn't unlike modern-day Hitchin.
  8.  Drayton Parslow is in a really bad mood with me, as I've stolen all his suits. 
  9. I have to avoid spirits in mixed drinks, as they all take like fruit juice to me.
  10. I like to think I have a special place for extroverts. It's a sound-proof cupboard.
  11. I think it is important that we preserve the Cockney accent.

1.      Why did you start blogging?
To expose the heresy that is Celtic Christianity, and ensure that nobody ever shreds a list of sins using an office shredder in an act of worship, ever again. And to create a market for the vast number of surplus hi-viz reflective vests I have obtained.

2.      What maintains your blogging motivation?
That stuff about the sin-shredder. And the urge to make myself laugh. Anything to cheer me up, frankly.

3.      Are you easily inspired?
No. I mostly sit around, morose, all day, before thinking up something that makes me bilious so I can write a blog post.

4.      Have you ever received a comment on the blog that made it all worthwhile?
Yes. But you need to ask more open questions. But, since I'm sure you wanted a bit more info, loads of them. Anything funny, well-researched, or supportive.

5.      Name your favourite poem and give your reasons for choosing it.
"Jenny kissed me", which expresses the sweet joy of our brief existence and uses it as a weapon against mortality. And because the irony is that the "Jenny" concerned was, by all accounts, a miserable so-and-so.

6.      Have you ever engaged in talking like a pirate on Talk Like A Pirate Day?

7.      Where is you favourite place in the world?
Great Rollright. Or Walsingham. Or Dorset. Or maybe Brittany.

8.      Who is your greatest spiritual influence?
CS Lewis

9.      If you had to recommend one book, what would it be?
The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

10.   Singing in the bath, yes or no?
Asking for a pound of sodium to be chucked in, in my opinion.

11.   Kirk or Spock?


  1. You've not answered the one question I'd like to ask: Are we likely to bump into you at Greenbelt Festival; where the hi-vis reflective vests run wild and free?

    This isn't a liturgical response by the way.

    1. No. Wouldn't like to get lost in all that. Last time I was at Greenbelt, Bono snuck into a John Smith talk by climbing under the side of a tent. And Martin Joseph was an in-depth discussion with a sad dolphin.

  2. Wow, a blog award. Should I curtsy now when I read your posts?

  3. well done, and well deserved.
    aren't you supposed to pass it on to someone else?

    1. Yes, there was that. But I understand the concept of "exponential", so thought I'd spare the world.

  4. no no no pleeese - I want to read what your 11 questions will/would be...


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