Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Obstacles to Ministry

Just realised today what the biggest obstacles to my ministry are.

Other people, and God.

God, because I never see the miraculous results that I clearly deserve in my ministry. I've never asked for much - just that God should grant me unlikely sources of money, or easy converts, whenever the Moot House has felt a bit empty or we're running a bit short of cash.

And other people, because they fall into two camps - those who are already Christians, and those who would never become Christians in a million years. Which makes me wonder what the point is. And all the Christians want is my attention, and for me to respect their point of view. Which, frankly, is unlikely with either group.

So I'm not expecting anything great in the way of outside help at the moment. If you want to see a new thing you've got to create it yourself.

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  1. I feel for ye, Archdruid! I feel much the same in the Northwestern climes of Washington state in the Disunited part of America! Following on...
    Jim of Olym


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