Monday, 18 March 2013

Liturgy on the Passing of Frank Thornton

Archdruid: Beaker People, are you free?

All: I'm free!

Mrs Slocombe: Oo, I 'ad the workmen round. They put my cat out while they did up the kitchen. I hate it when people handle...

All: No! This is not 1976!

Truly of the Yard: Of course, I'm not worried about the interview with St Peter. In the Met we learnt to make up the evidence.

Archdruid: Ah, the Great Day. When the books are opened, and the acts of all people are laid bare, and the Judge says....

Young Mr Grace: You're all doing very well!

Capt Peacock: Thank you, Mr Grace.

Thanks Frank, and all the best for the elevator ride to the top floor.

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  1. Sorry to hijack the Grace of Thornton. But have just been listening to the wireless. Is Archdruid Eileen related to Archdruid Whatshername in Elvenquest? Only she seems to be batting for the other side.


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