Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monty Pulls it Off

Great excitement this morning as I'm greeted by an exhausted Hnaef. He's been watching cricket all night again.

I notice that Matt Prior made an unbeaten ton last night. Well done, I say. But that achievement pales into insignificance when we consider that Monty Panesar faced five balls without getting out.

Monty, you're a true son of Bedfordshire. You're fun, you're brilliant with the ball and you managed to stay in for five balls to save a Test. We salute you, my son.


  1. And there's me always associating Monty with Warwickshire. But regardless of county allegiances, Monty, we salute you!

    1. He's a Bedfordshire lad. Lutonian, in fact. Although he made his breakthrough with our local First-class county, Northants.

  2. Wonderful Monty!
    Worth six of sulky Broad any day.


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