Monday, 18 March 2013

Hope in the Pope

From what I read about the new Pope he can only be a good thing.

Apparently he's going to allow women bishops, married clergy, and the Mass in E major (ie simple guitar chords). By wearing a white robe instead of a red one he's going to do away with 1600 years of Constantinian male dominated hierarchy and bring in bass communities (back to those guitars, again?) and a new, flatter, more democratic Catholicism.

I realise that some of the above may be liberal wishful-thinking, misunderstandings and/or typographical errors. But just in case, I've written him a note (on the side of a bull, which I believe is the way Catholics send letters). I've told him that if he apologises for 2,000 years of oppression of Beaker people, and allows us to retain our Beaker heritage, I will consider being his first female, nu-worship, liturgy-lite, neo-bunny-hugging-revival cardinal.

I'll even put up with wearing one of this little red hats. Seems only fair. Ecumenism's all about these little sacrifices.

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