Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dispiriting Quote of the Day

" If you're a religious news journalist most of your job consists of talking to Christians so that they can tell you lies about each other." (Andrew Brown)

It's not the fact the statement is so bald and aggressive (and I may have taken it just marginally out of context, for effect). It's the fact that it's probably true that is so dispiriting. I think about the lies we tell about each other; that the other bunch don't really believe in God - that the Anglo-Catholics worship Mary; or the Catholics don't believe the Bible; or the Evangelicals are a bunch of naive schmucks who take everything in the Bible literally, never stop grinning and wear bad nylon suits. I mean - even that last one is only truly about some evangelicals.

The Guinea Pig Worshippers of Stewartby are a case in point. If Mr Brown interviewed the Grand High Guinea Pig, then somewhere in amongst the squeaks and the whistles he would hear the claim that the Beaker People once ate his little guinea pig gods. Just because we once ate his little guinea pig gods. He'll argue black is white, will the Grand High Guinea Pig.

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