Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hosing-down of Humans

I'm realising we've been behind the curve with this foot-washing business. Like, I just thought it was Mennonites and suchlike bearded individuals. But now even the new Pope's getting in on the act.

So I've been considering the idea of following this commandment myself. Now, obviously I wouldn't want to go getting too close to people and their feet. So I've decided to modify things slightly, while still retaining the spirit of the occasion.

So we've got our twelve volunteers, and this evening we're going to hose them down. Not in the Moot House, of course. I'm not some barbarian. We'll do it out in the Mediterranean Drought Garden, if the mud's frozen solid again.

Honestly - getting that close to people's actual feet. Can you imagine that? Bad enough when you know they'll have been washed, talcum powdered, and sprayed with Athlete's Foot linctus if appropriate before the occasion. But the disciples' feet must have been rank - calloused from all that walking, covered in dirt, sand, and probably bird droppings - and worse - from visiting the Temple.

I guess Incarnation is all very well in its way - but did it have to go that far?

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