Sunday, 31 March 2013

Nearly Half a Million Page Views

Dear Readers

I'm so excited. I've just sneaked onto the Blogger dashboard to add a new gadget.

Within the week, this website will have accumulated half a million page views since Blogger started counting! I have a sneaking suspicion that approximately half of these will be from robotic webcrawlers, but all the same - a round number is a round number. I am hoping Eileen will not notice until we have hit the magic number, as she is inclined to tell me that "stats don't matter". She is also inclined to throw potatoes at me when she is annoyed. So I am going to lock down the dashboard so she cannot remove it, and the deny all knowledge of who did it.

I have learnt this lesson well. Honesty may, in the long term, be the best policy, but in the short term it can cause potato-shaped bruises.


  1. Gosh, respect! Here's to the next half million.

  2. Same here, Perpetua. I've got one; now all I want is a gadget that shows tumbleweed rolling across the screen...


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