Monday, 25 March 2013

Raughrie cuts up Rough

Raughrie has just run over my foot in his wheelchair.

Why, he had asked me, was the door lock in the disabled loo so stiff?

To which, naturally, I responded that this was because he's the only one that uses the disabled loo. So it gets less maintenance than the other toilets, which are used more frequently. I suppose, thinking about it, this might have caused the workings to get a bit stiiff and rusty, and maybe that's why it was so hard for him to unlock it.

And why, Raughrie asked me, do we store all the loo rolls and cases of toilet bleach in the disabled toilet?

I explained that it's a convenient space, being right next to the toilets that everyone else uses - and being so much bigger than the other toilets.

Then, when he'd over-balanced in trying to force the lock open, and ended up laying on the floor of the loo, and unable to get up because he was pinned in by the the cases of bleach, and had a mountain of toilet rolls falling onto him off the stacks of bleach -  why, asked Raughrie, did he discover that the alarm cord - which is long enough to reach to the ground - was tied up so the end was four feet up in the air?

So I explained that it used to confuse the cleaner, who kept thinking it was the light cord. We'd all run down, thinking it was an emergency, and just find a baffled cleaner standing in the dark. So we tied it up so he wouldn't keep wasting our time.

And then Raughrie ran over my foot.

I do feel sorry for Raughrie.

It must be very frustrating, having his condition. I just wish he wouldn't take it out on the rest of us.

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  1. Well, Eileen, now hou know that entails a mother superior. You have go go with the flow, as it says somewehere. Love you posts, and wish that guy with the wheel chair good luck.



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