Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Locking the Door before the Beaker Folk Bolt

I note with interest the Roman Catholic approach of locking all the cardinals into a place of worship until they come up with a resolution.

Simple, yet so effective. So I've applied the same theory to the Annual Volunteers Moot, based on the original Latin meaning of the word - "clave" meaning "key" and "con" meaning "to catch out a mug".

Basically, all the Beaker Folk have been shut into the Moot House with a list of jobs. Until I've got 4 Stewards, 6 Under-stewards, 12 Tea Light Bearers, 6 Pebble Monitors, a Sub-druid of the Wardrobe, 5 gardeners, 3 Trilithon Maintenance People, 2 Altar Alterers and 5 Coffee Makers, the door's staying locked.

If we don't get the names on the sheet by midnight, it will be time for the black smoke. Not up the chimney - just the smoke bomb I've wired up behind the Worship Focus. It should - ho-ho- focus their minds.

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