Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Glasto Survivors

Nice to hear the Rolling Stones are playing Glastonbury. I believe they must be the last survivors of the original festival.

The one Joseph of Arimathea took his nephew to.


  1. Ah yes, Joseph the owner of the original Rolling Stone. Was that guy who escaped from the tomb behind that stone his nephew? I guess he brought the stone with him when he played a few weeks later to a crowd of 500 in Glastonbury (some manuscripts say Galilee). Of course the festival has grown a bit since his time.

    1. Oh very good rolling stone joke. Wish I'd said it. In fact, in twelve months when I've forgotten all this, I probably will. Story has it that Joseph brought Jesus to Glasto, planted a thorn, and built a dark, satanic mill.

    2. Thanks. I won't complain if you steal my joke, as I'm sure you will tell it much better than me.


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