Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tidying Up the Tea Light List

I hate killing off the blogs on the "Folk we light a tea light for". But, on the other hand, I like to have a nicely-performing site, and if I add a new blog or two on the list (for of the writing of blogs there is no end), I have to remove a couple to maintain the balance of nature. Sunrise, Sunset and all that.

So with the exception of Beyond the Woodshed and the Most Boring Blog - which will both, I am sure, come roaring back - I'm afraid I've tidied up most of the blogs over 2 months inactive on the right hand side of the website.

On the bright side, the Theophiliacs seem to be a bit more frequent again. Thoughtful, pipe-smoking Anglicans who speak kindly of their more-Protestant past - what's not to like? And Simon at RobinsonS has kicked into a whole new gear of album reviews.

All of the above, I realise, will be meaningless to those of you who consume this blog solely through a Feed-Reader, or on a Mobile. To whom I therefore say - thanks for reading, anyway. If you're on the feed you're clearly a regular reader (or you've given up on your Feed-reader and can't be bothered to unsubscribe) But why not drop by the full-fat website occasionally? There's a blogroll, and a Thomas Hardy Plot Generator. You might never leave...

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