Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Fabulous Ma Baker Boys (and Girls)

Can I refer you to Simon's review of "The Magic of Boney M"? Simon's too young to remember Boney M in their pomp. Unless the powers of Scrumpy are as magical as it's claimed. So I feel 4/10 is a little harsh on such a distinctive band. Although, if I stumbled across them in 2013 having not heard them in 1979, I might feel the same.

The thing about Boney M is, they were cheesy; their album covers were shocking; Bobby Farrell, God rest him, who pranced around on Top of the Pops, didn't even sing on the recordings. It was their "manager", Frank Farian, who did that.

They were a manufactured disco band. They had no credibility whatsoever. Their hair should have been banned under the Geneva Convention.

So why was "Ma Baker" so great?

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  1. Like my score, I was 4. Score was reduced to El Lute(!) and 'that' cover. 20 tracks in one go probably didn't help.


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