Saturday, 13 March 2010

Assemblies of a Broadly Beaker Character

It is a requirement enshrined in English Law, and presumably signed by the fair hand of Our Queen, that schools provide for a regular act of worship which will mainly be "of a broadly Christian nature".  I hope I've quoted that correctly.

Being occasionally invited to conduct assemblies, I find that a Beaker approach is best.  It is of a "broadly Christian character", I am quite a broad character,and given the lack of specific Christian knowledge within schools in general (I am not talking of schools in the Milton Keynes or Mid-Beds areas in particular), and given the diversity of children's backgrounds and political sensitivity of schools - I would guess that something woolly, well-meaning and unspecific is just what a lot of ministers around the country are providing.  Something that is indefinitely deist, tries to inculcate a sense of goodness, but steers clear of any discussion of sin, redemption and Jesus.

Of course, you may know better.

Meanwhile, we've agreed that our local Beaker Secularist is definitely not taking any more assemblies.  After his last outing, when you may remember he informed a group of primary-age children that there was no Santa, he is on a special "unofficial" blacklist of people that they'd rather not see back.  In fact, he may be the blacklist.

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