Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Religious Fellowship Leaders’ Personality Test

It's important to know, when considering new jobs or the vital balance of personalities in a community, where exactly you fit.  Eschewing the other 73 methods of working out what makes you "tick" that people have already developed, I'd like to share the one I use when considering appointments to Druidic positions.

1. You have a hard decision to make. Do you

A. Pray long and hard about it, and consider what the Bible has to say?

B. Make a snap judgement. It’ll all end in disaster anyhow.

C. Ask the PCC/Church Meeting/Moot to form a sub-committee, on the grounds that it’s going to be a couple of years before you really need to come off the fence.

D. Watch QI instead.

2. Which Social Networking Media do you use when not doing your “day job”?

A. Blogger – you like to be able to express your thoughts in detail

B. Twitter – you like the cut-and-thrust and succinctness of the thoughts.

C. Facebook – you like to keep in touch with old friends

D. Day job? I have a day job?

3. When you are chairing a committee you like to:

A. Tell them all what you’ve decided and jump straight to the nem con vote.

B. Keep everything to the point. Get the business done and get off early. Life’s too short for wittering.

C. Listen to everybody’s point of view. It’s important they all feel valued.

D. Send your last-minute apologies because you’ve arranged to do a baptism visit at the same time.

4. Who chooses the songs/hymns in your fellowship?

A. You do. You have a vision for where you want the music to go over the next 5years.

B. The Church Wardens/Stewards/Executive Arch-Assistant Druid. But nobody really knows why.

C. The Organist/Worship Leader. It’s important to encourage people to express their own gifts.

D. The Organist/Worship Leader. They get really shirty if you upset them.

The Results

Mostly A –The Prophet. You have the vision, the enthusiasm, and the profound conviction that you’re always right. A true Leader, but it’s always worth looking over your shoulder occasionally to see if anyone’s following. You like to spend your holidays invading Poland.

Mostly B – The Pragmatist. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In fact, if it’s only a little bit broke it’s probably better off left alone. Acutely aware of the value of time, you’re at your best pruning pointless activities from the religious calendar. But you were at your worst when you fitted that conveyor belt to speed up multiple baptisms.

Mostly C – The People Person. It is important to give people your attention. They have to feel wanted. Conflicts must be resolved. Pastoral visiting is an essential part of your ministry. You work a 100 hour week.

Mostly D – The Escapist. Probably an INFP or INTP on the Myers-Briggs scale, you were called to Ministry by your deep love for people. Unfortunately it turns out that people can be hurtful, rude, unthinking and unappreciative of the love you have for them. Dodging meetings and spending time in cyber-space will help you to choke down those troubling thoughts you have about decking the Circuit Steward.

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