Thursday, 25 March 2010

Poor Old Rosie Suffers from Darling

Apart from graphs, Dear Readers, nothing animates me more than the subject of Real (as opposed to gassy, mass-produced, unnatural) cider and real ale.

The sale of real ales and ciders has taken a terrible bashing in pubs, mostly due to the smoking ban and now it faces yesterday's introduction of a 10% duty rise on cider.
Now I wouldn't like you to think I'm recommending you support "binge" drinking, or anything like that. But I hope you can see the difference between a craft product and something fizzy designed purely to make you feel fuzzy. And don't forget that "Real" cider is a Zero-Carbon product*.

Therefore can I recommend you to the petition for reduced duty on Real beers and ciders, to be found at the No 10 website - here.

* Actually I've no idea if this is true, but it may well be. You think of all the CO2 those trees soak up. And it sounds good.

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  1. Us Starkadders still recall the year Amos made a whole bin of cider. He chucked all the browny apples into the bin, tipped a load of sugar in and left it till All Saints Day. Was fit to blow your head off at thirty paces.

    We never had no more apples since that year.


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