Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Festival of the Almond

The Almond is one of the great signs of spring.  Prunus Dulis , even in the northerly climes of Husborne Crawley, will show its delicate pink blossoms ahead of pear, apple and cherry.
Ours has finally started to show some colour.  It's been a long, hard winter but we can celebrate that the weather has finally picked up.  Which is just as well.  As a number of our folk had been demanding that we start burning stuff to encourage the sun to grow stronger.  And as I often point out, I'm not sympathetic to sympathetic magic.

Our Weather Sage, Weregild, tells me that we're set fair now.  No more bad weather ere the Winter Storms begin.  All's well with the world; the Lark is on the Wing, the frogs are spawning, norming and performing and Marston has taken off his vest.

So I'm looking forward to this evening's activities.  And we're lucky enough to have two events going on.  The "Living with Lactose Intolerance" workshop takes place in the Moot House and the Stilton Cheese-Rolling Competition will be held in the courtyard outside.  What could possibly go wrong?

However note that the "Loving the Bodhran" evening tomorrow has been cancelled after somebody stuck a biro through the skins of each of the seventeen drums.  We suspect that music-lovers may be responsible.

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