Monday, 29 March 2010

Reforming the Radical Middle

A few Beaker People have been grumpy ever since I formed the group Approving Druidism.  They said they're uncomfortable with the concept of a religion that likes things and wants to be encouraging.

So in an attempt to get a more aggressive edge to Beakerism, they've formed a new group.  They're calling it "Lever".  Their aim is to lever out of our community any people they don't think agree with the doctrinal basis of Beakerism.  They're swimming against the tide here a bit, since Beakerism doesn't have any doctrinal basis, but still - good luck to them.  You can never have too many pressure groups, I say.

In an unusual piece of international co-operation, Lever have also founded a chapter in our daughter Community, the Beakers of Madison County.  And they've called their group "Lever".  I wonder why they gave it a different name?

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