Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring Moon

Looking forward to tonight's Spring Moon.

The Beaker Fertility Folk have always claimed that the Spring Moon is the strongest, and causes the sap to flow in the trees and juices in the leaves.  They also claim another load of things in a similar, slightly innuendo-ish way.

I don't believe that the Fertitility Folk have any problem with getting their juices to flow at any stage of the Moon or season.  They seem equally willing to charge into the woods at any phase or time.  But if anything I feel they're going to be disappointed.  The weather's lousy.

Of course, the weather forecast is also bad news for the rest of us.  So if it continues to be dull  and miserable we'll hold Barking at the Moon in the Moot House.  Marston promises to give us his talk "The day I went to the Moon", which is loosely based on when he ate those toadstools he found on the verge near the Experimental Farm.  It promises to be a long evening.

Don't forget, in accordance with liturgical season, hi-viz tonight will be blue.  If anyone's short of a blue hi-viz vest I've got some for sale in the Beaker Bazaar.  But get there quick - at 6pm I'm putting them up line with yesterday's Cider Duty hike.

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