Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In 100 years we'll probably all be dead

9 March 2110.

Those fridges you absolutely had to sell over the Easter weekend rusted in five years.  They've been recycled 7 times now, and parts of them are currently the casings of the latest design in beer kegs.  So at least they're useful now, in their way.

That girl you fancied in the bar that night in Croydon so much that you betrayed your wife has been ash since 2065.  Still, she was quite attractive at the time.  Though she's not so much now

The CEO everyone was so scared of has been dead since 2032.  He could never quite take a rest from the job, till his heart decided it wanted to retire.

The IT project you had to deliver or the world would end - it lasted 5 years before it was superceded.  And the world didn't end.

Six months after your massive company re-organisation, it was taken over by a company that simplified the organisation by scrapping the whole thing.  That was a lot of wasted organisational diagrams and flowcharts.

That light bulb you spent an hour arguing about at a Church Committee burnt out in 2013.

£10 invested in a well in Africa has been gaining interest ever since.  That's a lot of treasure in heaven.

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