Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Appropriate and Inappropriate Bibles for Children

It was good see this Bible on Amazon. The "God's Little Princess" devotional Bible. What could be sweeter? And I am sure that, inspired though they are, the stories of Miriam, Deborah and Jael wife of Heber will not feature. For this is a princess's Bible. I am sure Esther will be there - using her feminine submission as a way of ensuring God's will; as indeed did Ruth. Whatever the soi-disant "Archdruid" next door insinuates about her and Naomi.

But what is this? the "God's Mighty Warrior" devotional Bible. Perfectly suitable in its own right, of course, and yet - written by a woman? I hope there is an age rating on this book. For clearly any male over the age of 16 should not read it, lest he be put under the authority of Shelia Walsh. However, up to that age I am sure it is perfectly acceptable. As the reviewer put it - "Boys will be boys!"


  1. No devotional book on the 'naughty bits' of the Bible yet? 50 shades of .....

  2. Why is the Princess "little" but the Warrior "Mighty"? I haven't seen the content of these books - that could be brilliant - but the covers make me feel sick.

  3. I'm still recovering from having spotted a Sunday School lesson for 2-3 year olds on Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
    from the USA. I do hope the authors were kept up all night by toddlers having nightmares.


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